Is it a video problem?

I have a Qtech pc (can get all other specs if needed) with an integrated/embedded graphics. When I turn the pc on it doesn't beep (1 beep is usually the norm). The monitor light flashes as if it is connected but not powered on.
I reset bios, changed cmos battery and did a fresh install of XP. On the odd occaision that it does power up it lasts about 30mins max before it crasehs and turns itself off. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Could be anything. No post at all would be more likely a MB or Power problem though.
  2. So are you saying this has happened after you reset the bios ? If so i would question how long the battery was out for before you replaced it ?
    I was reading a Overclocking article yesterday and they had a board that wouldnt reboot untill the Cmos battery was out for "a good half hour".

    As daedalus685 said its real tough to fault find these things but Ram Power and then Mother board would be the order i would check in.

    Oh where are my manners, welcome to the forums

  3. Most modern motherboards won't post without a CPU or memory. Used to be a day when you could get a beep code for lack of either :). Some still ahve a whaling beep if there is nothing in the socket, though it is not particualrly common anymore.

    I can get a black screen of no activity with a bad OC anywhere in the system. It really could be anything. Make sure to follow the insructions for your MB exactly when resetting cmos, some are different/take longer dependign on how the jumper/battery is set up.

    If you are sure Cmos is clean and you still get no post at I would normally debug Power > Memory > CPU > MB > Expansion Cards.

    If you remove the video card and everything else works it will still post (if you have a speaker you will hear the beep) so absolutely nothing is almost never related to the GPU unless it is shorting something else out.
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