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Hello everyone and advance merry xmas. I have this question about overclocking my cpu. My spec are as follows:

Q8400 @ 3.0ghz Oc (I had fsb to 375 and everything else is auto, run prime95 24hrs stable)
CPU cooler DeepCool Ice Edge 400Ni (Next week I'll be using the Corsair H50 until it arrives from shipment)
Asus P5Q SE Plus mobo
6gb 800DDR2
GTS250 1gb
Silverstone 600W

My question is would it be safe to further overclock my cpu say 3.2ghz or higher with voltage set at auto I mean I'll just tweak the fsb to 400 and be able to boot up and get stable results? I've seen and read some forums but what I'm looking for is a motherboard that is the same as mine. I'm a newbie in overclocking and I need some helpful advice. Thanks.
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  1. What is your ram configuration? 2x2gb and 1x1gb or 3x2gb?

    What speed is your ram running when your at 3ghz?

    I wouldn't bother with watercooling, those cpu's arent very good overclockers and you would be really lucky to get 3.2ghz, not worth buying a watercooler.

    I really don't see the point of overclocking further unless you were running a really high end video card.
  2. Please bear with me I'm quite new in overclocking. It's 3 x 2gb, DRAM freq 375, FSB:DRAM is 1:1. I hope these are what you're asking for.
  3. You may not be aware of this but if your not running your memory in dual channel mode, which can hurt your performance. Memory on s775 systems is supposed to be in pairs, not triples, for dual channel configuration. Your running in single channel configuration.

    But like I said, watercooling isn't going to get you more than 3.2 imo and even that doesn't make much sense unless you had a high end video card and needed more cpu oomph.
  4. I have successfully manage to take it to 3.2ghz all in stock/auto. Just made the fsb to 400 x 8. Run Prime95 for 7hrs stable. Now I want it to push to 3.6ghz but I don't know how to make adjustment. I saw others able to push the Q8400 to 3.6ghz stable with non P45 chipset. My board is a P45 chipset which is good for overclocking though the cpu isn't that much.
  5. What are your max temps in prime 95 at 3.2ghz?

    Like I said, you can push it for the heck of it and hope you don't have a hardware failure, but, I really don't see the point of overclocking it anymore than 3.2 unless your going to upgrade to a high end video card, in that case it would make sense.
  6. If you are trying to overclock on auto, be sure to keep an I on your voltages in CPU-z since you don't know exactly what they are. Not sure how high it will go but you probably want to keep them under 1.45. Also, alot depends on your temps. You don't want to be above 65C.
  7. I think I'm gonna stick at 3.2ghz for now. During prime95 stress test my temp at full load doesn't go passed 51 degress celsius at ambient 30 degress celsius. I have CPUID and CPUz to monitor it and I'm using a DeepCool Ice Edge 400Ni as cpu cooler. My Core voltage doesn't even go near 1.2v. Anyways thank you for your kind replies much appreciated. By the way I've added up 2gb on the 4th slot in order to fully used all the 4 dimm slot. Now I'm running at 8gb
  8. Well you are lucky,i have a Q 8400 myself- Know everything abt it-
    I have mine at 3.2 @ 1.28 v core, or at 3.6 @ 1.29 v core.. Does pretty well..
    better set a vcore-
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