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Can I upgrade?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
April 27, 2009 1:52:40 PM

I currently have an 8800gt card and I'm wanting to upgrade to a 9800gtx or something along those lines. Question is, will a Pcie 2.0 card be able to run on a board that uses the regular pcie16x? I have a Gigabyte p35-ds3l if it helps.

Another thing, the reason I'm looking into upgrading is because I think my 8800gt card is having a little trouble running games like CoD4 and what not, even on low settings. After about 3-40 minutes my computer freezes up or the graphics mess up. Just about everything is stock on the comp, and the temps look good. I've already updated all the drivers and etc.. so I'm having a little trouble isolating the issue.

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a c 169 U Graphics card
April 27, 2009 1:58:26 PM

Yes PCI-E 2.0 is backward compatible with PCI-E 1.0 so u can upgrade to a PCI-E 2.0 card.

8800GT is a good card and can handle COD4 with no problems so there is something wrong with your card,does it only happen in COD4?
April 27, 2009 4:43:46 PM

Well, I figured as much that it would be able to handle CoD4 easily enough, especially on low settings. I just updated the drivers for it, so I'm going to see if it still crashes. It doesn't only happen with CoD4, but CoD4 is probably the most graphic intensive game I play, others are free mmorpgs that don't require much. Even then, the graphics on some games decide to artifact and distort, changing colors and etc.. even on something like F.E.A.R. after about an hour of playing

99% of the time I don't have any issues with the card during everyday use.. it's only when I decide to play games.. lol

I have my e2160 OC to 3.0, but it runs stable under 60c at full load with prime95 and etc, and the cpu never even touches full load on any games. So I'm assuming that there isn't any issue with the cpu

I'm running a Corsair VX450w psu, and I've been reassured that this was adequate enough to power the 8800gt with 33A across a single 12v rail..

Am I missing something? Should I adjust the voltage in the bios.. +.1, +.2 or whatever to the pcie? lol.. thx in advance!
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a c 169 U Graphics card
April 27, 2009 5:05:47 PM

If your CPU is stable then as u said its not related to it.
Your PSU is fine and dont ajdust the voltage of PCI-E let it be on auto,can u run a 3dmark,i want to see how much do u get in 3dmark
a c 191 U Graphics card
April 27, 2009 5:10:14 PM

Sounds like the video memory on the card is at fault, try underclocking it by 50MHz.

If you are having problems with an overclocked system it`s usually a good idea to reset the BIOS to stock and start again, rather than making yet more changes and possibly adding more problems into the mix.
April 27, 2009 11:26:13 PM

I've scored like 12k in 3dmark.

I went ahead and returned my BIOS settings to stock, and took the overclock off the cpu.

I even tried underclocking the video card, and I still get hangs during gameplay. Geez, I can hardly play for 15-20 minutes before I freeze.. it's really annoying considering the 8800gt should be tearing CoD4 apart.

I'm running at 90fps while I'm in game, so I would imagine it's not straining too hard.. yet I still crash and hang.

I've reinstalled and updated all of my video drivers.. updated and patched the actual game.. ran windows update.. everything seems to be where it should be.. but it's not.

Any ideas? Does it really sound like its a GPU issue? If so.. should I go ahead and upgrade to a 9800gtx+ ?
a c 169 U Graphics card
April 28, 2009 9:38:18 AM

Your 3DMARK score is fine.
I have a question though,what does exactly happen after 20 mins of playing ? it freeezes and restarts ? or crashes to the windows ? any errors ?

Btw,upgrading from a 8800GT to 9800GTX isnt worth it,because u wont get much performance boost.
a c 191 U Graphics card
April 28, 2009 11:00:30 AM

+1 Maziar.
Also reseat your RAM and take a good look at the card itself, it still sounds like the card memory or voltage regulators is overheating.