Trying to burn music to a CD-R disc but windows xp cannot format disc

I am trying to burn some music from my desk top to a Verbatim CD-R (700 MB/52x speed/80 min), but windows xp keeps telling me that it cannot format the disc. I have also tried a CD-RW and get the same error messages box thing. I just want to burn the songs my young sons love to listen to so we can have a fun road trip and not wear out my phone battery and induce fights making them share headphones while using the phone to listen to their favorite songs when I can have it on a cd. I have a 2002 Trailblazer so no new fancy hookups for USB.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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  1. I know how to burn the cd but I can't even get to that point cause Windows XP keeps popping up a box saying it cannot format the disc. But I have used the same brand and type of CD in the past without problem.
  2. Don't count on Windows to burn your CD.
    Get a 3rd party CD burning program and make your life easier.
    Nero still has Nero 9 Lite for free. It works good, consistently.

    Get it free by clicking

    Get Nero Kwik Burn (newer) free HERE
  3. How exactly are you trying to burn the disk? The easiest way I found it just to let Windows Media Player do that. It will take MP3s and other music files, and make a regular music CD you can play with.
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