Is this safe?

Hello all!

I had a go at OCing (actually, my more knowledgeable friend did) and its gone well I think...I've got my Q6600 up to 2.6ghz (it's a stock heater), and my GTX260 from 576/1242 to 666/1436...(for some reason changing the Memory clock makes it crash but it's fine, I have seen a big improvement!)..

Anyway, under full load the temps never go above 70oC so I'm thinking it's all good, but I'm not sure about hidden things like voltages etc, as I am a real noob..All games seem stable and my FPS has gone up a fair bit, but will this kill my components off much sooner than otherwise? Also, I have a big HSC on my gtx260, is 666/1436 very high? I really don't want to break it!

Thank you all
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  1. Firstly, your on stock cooler, not heater :P
    as long as you dont start creeping over 70'c you should be ok but keep an eye on things.
    yes, overclocking will kill your gear sooner than running at stock, same as racing a car engine over driving it sensibly will toast it, but tbh the shortening timescale isn't massive unless you heavily overclock 24/7
    I'd be happy with your improved fps, keep an eye on temps and maybe read up a bit more on your comonents so you know what your getting into (nice of your mate to help but better to know yourself imo)
  2. You should be able to run a Q6600 at 3.0 GHz with the stock cooler.
  3. I would absolutely love to but my PC hangs/my internet stops working if I clock past 2.6ghz...Asus P5B VM SE...:-(
  4. @kimhellbert--> Huh??????????

    @conure-->OCing it yourself is the way to go what if your friend isn't around later if something "goes out the window" on you.......Also, OCing the GPU can be "touchy" ...The memory will become unstable before the core does...OC the computer "reasonably" while keeping it cool will not take away very much of the life of the CPU
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