Tell how do i change the admin in msconfig?

i have intel p4 deo core mother board D865gsl which has graphic control on board i have instaled the driver for it . it shows instaled in control panel add and remove but still it dose not work and the second problem is msconfig i run it say access denied error was returned while attempting to change a service. You may need to log on using an administrator account to make the specified changes.
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  1. In answer to the MSCONFIG question, are you logged in with an account that has administrative privileges? I would verify that by checking in User Accounts just to be sure.
  2. +1 ^, Windows already told you what you need to do, you need to logon as an admin level account to make changes in msconfig, and also to install the drivers. If you did not setup your PC, ask whoever did for help with getting on an account that can make system changes. You can also try to logon the computer with an account called "Administrator", try no password or something like "password". Many OEM systems do not set an administrator account password by default.

    If you can get video on the monitor, what is not working with the video card?
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