Your overclocking experience with EVGA GTX 470

I'll provide pictures later on when I get home, just wanted to know how much you guys managed to get and with which temps

I managed to get 850/1800 1900
I played crysis for 2 hours and highest temp I got was 55c / 80% fan speed

the noise doesnt matter since I have a surround sound system

so what did you guys get, GPU-Z picture would be cool

Edit: my highest score on 3d mark vantage is P23k
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  1. so no one has gtx 470? O.o
  2. Nice numbers!

    I have a 470, but not an EVGA. Instead, it's a reference Zotac. Mine runs at 800/1600/1950, at 1.087v. I can probably squeeze few more MHz, but I haven't bothered to tweak too much. Even with my headphones, 80% would grate on me quite a bit.

    Regardless of the heat and fan, I'll be adding a second 470 in my AMD system by way of an SLI-hack. They're really good cards.
  3. Thats nice, im planning to get another 470 for my build too so I can play smoothly 1080p with some AA AF
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