Help using both 9550 agp and 9200 pci

I got this 9550xl and decided to put it in my mother's computer. She still had my old Ti4200. So I also added a pci 9200 card--she likes a three monitor display (she was using a Ti4200 agp and a MX400 GF2 pci).

I used a new driver for the 9550, but then discovered/remembered that the 9200 does not work with the newer drivers. I would have just used a basic windows driver but could not get it to work. So I downloaded the last driver that worked with the 8500-9200 series, 6.1 I think, and set it up for the 9200. Everything seemed fine when I left her house, but she called later and was getting freezing issues.

Sure, using two drivers two years apart in age seems stupid to me. Should I just use the 6.1 with both cards?

Any advice concerning this two video card set-up would be welcome.

She doesnot play games... my kids and i do sometimes when we are there. But for her, MSWord, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Google Earth, Nero, and other software is about it. She rarely uses the 3rd monitor, but when she does, there is usually Word document up on it.
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  1. I guess the 6.11 driver will not wotk with the 9550. Is that right? I have not tried the 6.4 driver... I remember that being an especially good one.

    I just want the 9200 PCI card to be used for a 3rd monitor for my mother, and it need not be anything special... Is there any way to use a current driver for the 9550 AGP and get Windows XP to see and use the 9200 PCI card?
  2. So I pulled out the 9550 and moved in a 9800 Pro (way better card anyway), and the 6.11 driver would not work for the 9800 Pro either... that was odd. I then downloaded a 6.4 Driver (one i remember as being very good), and I got the two cards working together very well.

    The next time I am over there, I will have to see if I can crash the computer by playing a game like Halo 1 on the 9800 Pro and messing around with MS Word of the Internet on the 3rd monitor running off of the 9200 PCI card. That would be nice if it did not crash.
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