Can i have 2 hard drives for raid 0 and a third for my os

i just built a pc and am looking to set up raid 0 with intel matrix storage. i have 3 hdd 2 are wd green 500gb and 1 wd 160. i want to install os and all programs on the 160 and use the 2 500 for raid 0 is this possible and if so how can i do it i have not turned on pc yet
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  1. You have to turn your PC on.

    To be safe, unplug the two raid 0 hard drives and install your os on the only seen drive.

    After you are done with that plug in the other two and configure them either in the raid controller settings or the OS.
  2. ^+1
    Don't confuse the install. Remember to set which drive is for boot when you do create the RAID array.
    Can I just ask why the RAID 0?
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