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Gtx 295 locking up

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April 27, 2009 6:58:21 PM

Anyone having any problems with the 295? I have a new i7 build and everything works great in VISTA home 64, blazing fast. All bios and drivers up to date. However, in both COD WOW and Warhammer online, I can play for about 20-30 mins and then it's BSOD which requires a restart. BSOD does point out the video card as nonresponsive.

I have tried both programs in SLI mode and in single GPU mode and get the same results. Kind of wishing I went with the 285 now, but here we are. I'm hoping these are known issues and will be fixed with future drivers from nvidia. I only have the issue in these 2 programs, everything else runs beautifully.

i7 920
Asus p6t deluxe v2
corsair 3x2 1600 dominator
bfg gtx 295
corsair 850 psu
WD Raptor 300g
WD 640g x2

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April 27, 2009 7:43:55 PM

What are the temps while running games? How much airflow does your case have?
April 27, 2009 7:47:01 PM

Sorry, more info, sure.

coolermaster v8 HSF
coolermaster HAF 932 case ... which I LOVE BTW.

temps 30-35 C idle, 45-50 C gaming, and 65 after prime 95 for 8 hours.
Not O/C'ing at moment and still getting these lockups.
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April 27, 2009 7:52:02 PM

Silly me just realized you were probably asking GPU temps. I honestly don't know, I have not checked them yet. But the room is cool and the case does have good airflow... however, I will check tonight.
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April 27, 2009 7:58:52 PM

Welcome to random SLI or crossfire errors.

First off.. I'm not sure how stable you can expect XP 64. At this stage in the game I see no reason not to go with vista 64, or downlaod windows 7 if you want to. Considering the raw power of your system you should be using Dx10! (imo)

Anyway... a HAF (if you manage the cables well) should have excelent air flow over the GPU (Yeah, I have one and am biased), even given the PCB sandwitch.

So, this leads us to problem 1 and 2. Problem one is the drivers are borked on xp 64. Problem two is the card is broken... You'd have to test in another system to check either.

There are a couple people aroudn here that for whatever reason use xp 64 still. They will be better able to help you debug a driver issue.
April 27, 2009 8:04:36 PM

Argh, did I really write xp 64? I meant vista home 64. And I really hope it's not a bad card, it runs everything else great.... and new egg doesn't have any more to RMA with! I know Warhammer sucks with SLI, which is why I set it to single GPU mode.... still crashes after 20-30 mins. That's not the most stable program in the world though, but since it happens with COD also now I'm getting nervous.
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April 27, 2009 8:11:42 PM

Ok, well.. yeah... we should not have troubles in vista 64 :) 

It sounds like something is wrong with the card. But you should first try to completely sweep out the drivers and isntall the latest freshly.. I can't say I see too many people complaining about crashing in the 295 though. While it could be from a bad driver isntall which happens to the best of us from time to time I don't think it is an "issue" with the actual drivers themselves.

Problems like this are usually due to
-Card Faults resulting in any of the above.

Its easy enough to reinstall drviers.. but if the problem persists make sure you have the power cables nice and snug.. That is a great PSU so unless it is broken I can't see power being a problem. Heat also shoudn't be a problem if you can get the CPU that low. Specially considering the side fan on the HAF for the GPU.

Which leads us to a bad card... Much as it sucks may be appropriate time to get RMA requirements in order. Makes me wish OCZ made GPU's and CPU's and motherboards... lol. 4 day total turnaround on RMA I usually average with them..
April 28, 2009 1:18:11 PM

I think you're right. Uninstalled the latest drivers and tried 2 others... same results, regardless of single GPU or SLI. It's very stable in vista, only dies in the 3d programs. *Sigh*. Good thing BFG has a 10yr warrenty, let's see how well they honor it.