Need bluray combo drive

I'm looking for a bluray combo drive to read blurays and burn regular dvds. What kind of suggestions do you have? I was eying up some newegg deals and saw a few:

Asus #2:

I was looking at Asus #2 most, simply because I like the color of the bluray logo and think it would look good on an Antec 902 case with 2 other normal dvd drives and the 2 blue led lit fans on the front :)

Opinions or suggestions as to which drive to get?
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    What is better about that one over the Asus # 2? I don't think I'd get the one from newegg because the white front would look weird on this computer

    Also, do you have to buy software to play blurays?
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    I'd go with Asus # 2 for sure.

    Any particular reason why?
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