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I am new to overclocking and read the guide to overclock a black edition processor. I have also asked before in the forums for help and i ended up turning off Cn'Q, Turbo, Core, and all of the auto overclock features. I put the multiplier up to 20 and started with my cpu voltage at 1.4. Every time I finish entering the settings I can boot into windows, pass 3DM06, and receive no errors or failed core during any duration of prime95, even on torture test up to 24 hours. The computer will work fine for 3 or 4 days under any usage but then will random restart and say overclock failure when the computer tries to boot again. I have messed around with raising and lowering the voltage of the cpu and pass all stress tests, but same results down the road. I dont want to keep running pointless stress tests all the time if its still gonna happen down the road. What am i doing wrong?? Thanks.
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  1. Is it possible that the RAM frequency is higher than the manufacturer's specs as the result of overclocking? On my system, I set the RAM ratio to the LOWEST setting and then proceeded with OC. After I obtained a stable and desired level of OC, I re-adjusted the RAM ratio upwards and left it at a point where it is still below the manufacturer's rated frequency.

    In fact, my 1600 MHz RAM is underclocked to 1452 MHz. No problem in doing this.

    Also, somewhere I read that the voltages must be within 0.5V of each other. Don't recall details.
  2. Run Prime 95 Blend test if thats fine so is the RAM as you only adjusted the multiplier the RAM should not be changed from stock anyway. What processor do you have?
  3. The only thing i changed for the RAM was set the voltage to the factory specs and set the frequency to the factory specs at 1333Mhz. I didnt change the bus speed at all so should RAM even be affected? I ran Prime 95 blend test as well and nothing ever fails. No failures in memtest either. I have the AMD Phenom II 1090T
  4. What is the CPU frequency? RAM frequency per CPU-Z?

    If you have a stable OC along with DRAM frequency at or under the RAM manufacturer's rated frequency, you are doing fine.
  5. Cpu is at 4.0Ghz. In the bios it is selected at auto. Right now i have the Cpu voltage at 1.42. DRAM frequency is set at 1333MHz which is standard and CPU-Z reads 1.5V which is also manufacture specs.
  6. The manufacturer's voltage range for the Phenom II 1090T is 1.125-1.40V - you say you are running at 1.42V (higher than the limit) and that sometimes CPU-Z reads as high as 1.5V

    This may be causing some intermittent spikes in the voltage leading to the 'overclock failure' message that you are seeing. These spikes may be excessive for the CPU to handle.

    Personally, I like to OC, but I don't like to exceed the manufacturer's limit on voltages.
  7. I never even realized i was exceeding the max voltage range. I was recommended by someone else in the forum to start at 1.4v and go up .01 if the overclock didnt remain stable. I dont want to exceed the limit so where do i go from here? Ive seen everone easily get 4.0Ghz out of this processor so how should i do the overclock?
  8. Here is a great guide to OC: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/263043-29-1156-core-core-overclocking-guide

    Even though the guide is for Intel CPUs, the general principles are the same. Start out by setting the RAM ratio to its LOWEST setting in the BIOS. Then gradually increase the FSB (all explained very well in the guide). Keep a close watch on temps. (please note that high voltages will cause heat problems, and therefore, instability).

    Good luck!
  9. Thanks. Ive got a good cooler so hopefully i wont have any issues. How can i test if it is stable if all my other overclocks passed all stability tests but then would fail randomly. Shouldn't happen if my voltage stays in normal range right?
  10. Yes, you are probably right! However, try to stay away from the high end of the voltage range.

    On my i7-920 CPU, I have a 43% OC (now running at 3.82 GHz) - my CPU voltage is 1.275 and the max voltage on this CPU is 1.375 - so, I am not anywhere at or near the max voltage. My idle temps are around 27 degrees C, and heavy gaming temps are below 45 degrees C. My system has been running very stable for just over a year. My 1600 MHz RAM is underclocked to 1452 MHz, which is perfectly ok.
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