Help, what gfx card for playing on 40 inch 1080p Samsung

Heya all,

I really need help with my next gfx card decision. Atm my system specs are:
Q6600 @ 3.2ghx
IP35 pro mobo
750w psu
4gb ram
40 inch samsung 1080p

The games i intend playing at the highest resolution and some aa/af (if possible) are:
crysis warhead
Left 4 dead

Money is not really a big issue, tho i want something that is not gonna be too over the top for my needs :)
All input appreciated
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  1. minimum 260GTX 216 or HD4870 1GB.
  2. Most likely a drop in 4870 1 GB, or if you can spare the cash a 4890 will work.

    I like this version of the 4890 because of the double lifetime warranty:
  3. Yeah HD4870 1GB or 260GTX should do well, although if you want to max game quality on Crysis you mihgt need to run it at 720p instead at 1080p.... but dont feel bad, I think they did a poor optimization in Crysis, thus the new redesign of their Cryengine

    I just got a second hd4870 1gb myself. I play at 1080p and everything maxed.

    I love it.
  4. A 4870 1gig would be great. But if you want to max crysis you will need a crossfire configuration of 4890's since you cant SLI with that MB.

    It is not adviced to build a computer around crysis since its requirements for max settings are SOOO much higher than any other game out there.
  5. Thanks guys for the replies, is the 4870 quite an upgrade from an 8800gtx?
  6. This should give you an example of the upgrade.
  7. brutus3095 said:
    Thanks guys for the replies, is the 4870 quite an upgrade from an 8800gtx?

    Yes it is an improvement if you are playing at high resolutions.

    Pleas note that the link comparison provided by Oakley707 is a year old and is way before Cat 9.x drivers were out. Performance and stability of HD4870 through drivers has increased since than. Plus these benchies were done with AA at 0. Once you enable AA at high resolutions 8800GTX gets a really big hit in Frames per Sec. making it unusable for some games....

  8. ^+1.

    8.6-9.4 drivers have made vast improvements.
  9. You shouldn't have a problem with the 8800, why do you need to upgrade?
  10. Quote:
    8.6-9.4 drivers have made vast improvements.

    not on my 4870.
  11. I'd think about a Nvidia GTX 275 since you mentioned crysis.

    Don't plan on maxing out GTA, but it will still look good. . .
  12. wh3resmycar said:
    not on my 4870.

    To bad. I use Cat 9.4 for two HD4870 1GB in Crossfire and they work like a charm.
    Both are oced at 790/1000 and not even a glitch.

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