Can I install windows 7 Ultimate with a USB Flash Drive?

I just built a new PC and it doesn't have an OS system on it right now. I just downloaded an OS on a Flash Drive. Is their anyway I can install it on my PC with no OS? Can't I go into the BIOS and set it so it reads my Flash drive first? Any help?
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  1. Any one
  2. Most computers can boot from a usb, so can install w7 from a usb. Actually my computer doesn't have a cd drive and usb flash drive is how I installed mine.
  3. You will have to make the USB drive bootable. Google how to install Win 7 from USB drive and you will find all the info. Of course you will need access to a working PC to set up the USB drive. I assume you have an ISO file on the flash drive. You will have to save it somewhere else since you will lose everything on the flash drive when you make it bootable. Then follow the directions you find on Google.

    One nice advantage of this is it is a much faster install than a DVD.
  4. Most new computers just need the iso unpacked to the usb which needs to be formatted as ntfs, that's all I did.
  5. yes you can install it.. just google it on how to install win7 using flash drive...
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