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I am using Intel Storage Matrix RAID 10 and the Console informs me that one of the hard drives has had a SMART event. Because this is a RAID volume, I am unable to read the SMART data using tools such as HDTune or DiskCheckup. It just reports that I have a volume but doesn't tell me any info about it.

Is there any way to tell what SMART event occurred? The Intel Console does not provide this information anywhere, although it does tell me which disk had the SMART event. When booting (before Windows loads) the RAID screen informs me that the volume is degraded and confirms the SMART event has occurred, but it offers no further information either.

I'm trying to figure out if this is a serious problem (ie... drive is going to die soon, get it replaced ASAP) or if this is something more minor (like it couldn't write or read data in time so it used some error correction and marked the volume as bad - it's a WD Caviar Black).

Ideas on how to check the SMART data or figure out what the problem is? Suggestions (other than of course to replace the drive).

Much obliged.
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    You can use the proprietary tools at your disposal, or boot into Linux livecd if you want real SMART readouts on your disks. You can't do that in Windows.

    Checking SMART data is very important though; if you have Current Pending Sector or UDMA CRC Error Count, then your HDD is at risk of detaching from the main array.
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