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Gigabyte vs Intel Sata Controllers

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September 22, 2009 11:57:23 PM

Reading the manual of my (yet to arrive) ga-p55m-ud2, I see sata ports (2) dedicated to a Gigabye controller, and other Sata dedicated to an Intel controller (7, I think).

The manual is quite specific how to enable either and use either set for raid, but nothing indicates the reason one would have two different controllers.

What's the point? Anyone know?

I plan to boot from a standalone drive, have a second standalone drive as a scratch storage, and finally have two additional drives in raid 1 for work storage.

Would there be any logic that would drive me to use one or the other controllers for the raid? or the boot?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


System in transit:
i7 860 on Gigabyte ga-p55m-ud2; 4x2 mb G.Skill ddr3-1600

a b V Motherboard
September 23, 2009 12:21:14 AM

Often these extra ports come "free" with the chip that supports IDE disks, or some other function on the board.

Normally, place all your HDs on the Intel ports. The "Gigabyte" ports usually are lower performance.
a c 177 V Motherboard
September 23, 2009 2:06:01 AM

Twoboxer is right - don't use your GSATAs (typically, jMicron JMBX36xx chips) until you've 'run out' of Intel ports; the Intels are 10% faster in normal use, 12-18% faster in RAID, the firmware is better, the automatic monotoring/repair software is infinitely better and more robust - an all-around better deal! The jMicrons are a good place to park a SATA DVD, if you're using one...
September 23, 2009 2:16:23 AM

Thanks to you both!

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