Adding a third sata hdd

I have two internal hard drives running on a raid configuration. I wish to add a third hdd to use it for storage. I don't want to add it to the raid config. (just as a third stand alone hdd). I have 2 spare sata ports but when I boot the PC it does not boot.
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  1. You can add another SATA HDD for storage without adding it, or otherwise modifying your existing RAID volume. So you've connected the SATA data cable from the board to the HDD and you've connected a SATA power lead from your PSU to the HDD, and it won't boot?
    -- Did you try using another SATA cable?
    -- The other SATA port?
    -- Another SATA power lead from the PSU?
  2. Check your BIOS settings. Its been a while, but there may be something in BIOS that enables raid and asks what ports are part of it. Maybe there's something wrong in there.
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