XFX 4890 GPU Noise Problem

Hi i recently purchased a 4890 and at the beginning I noticed whenever i click and hold onto the scroll bar of a window like firefox for example. The gpu would make a very quiet squeaking sound and the sound only occurs whenever i drag the scroll bar up or down.

It wasn't a big deal then so I didnt bother with it but now after upgrading to Vista 64bit, the sound happens even if im not dragging the scroll bar. It now occurs whenever i move my mouse. The noise isn't loud at all but I notice it when my speakers are off.

Anyone know what is causing this sound or how to fix it? should i rma? :??:

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  1. Seems as if you're describing the symptoms of a bad power coil on the card. If someone can confirm that, I'd certainly try to get it replaced. Could call XFX and see what they have to say about it, too.
  2. Have it replaced... I just had an XOC 4890 was lucky not to have this noise issue.
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