[Graphics card]What card is suitable to my laptop

hello there am trying to find a graphic card of my PC but i dont know which one is suitable for me
presario type

please sned me a link on the best grapic card you can find for me PC thanks!!!!
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  1. I doubt you could find anywhere where you could buy a chip for your laptop. Maybe ebay, but you're risking a lot by trying to do that.
  2. Best guess, you will not be able to upgrade the video card in that laptop. The only laptops I've seen which allows you to switch video cards (very expensive by the way), are the expensive enthusiast laptops; usually for gamers.
  3. both posts before me are correct the type of laptop you have is a chip on board GPU, that being said the cost of "upgrading" and being successful, are slim to none. I do apologize but the system was made in a "planned obsolescence" model by HP they are not really meant to be upgraded aside from RAM and HDD.
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