Power problem with GA P35 DQ6

i have a power problem with GA P35 DQ6, when i shut down the compter it does not power of the psu and all the fans are still running including the cpu fan. i have to hold the power button in to shut the psu off.
any ideas
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  1. Check in the BIOS, under Power Management Setup to see if Soft-Off By Power Button is set to Instant Off instead of Delay 4 seconds.
  2. You're 'hibernating' your machine; you can have the BIOS either way - 4 sec. or instant; if you want it set to 4 sec., but not to hibernate when you 'poke it', you need to go into the Windoze control panel under power management, and disable 'sleep'. I keep it that way (4 sec. shut-down with no sleep) to avoid accidental shut-downs as my power switch is on top of my case, and is easy to bump by accident - and radically overclocked machines with too many cards and too much crap hung off 'em don't 'play well' with sleep, anyway... If you do disable sleep, you can save a space on your system drive the size of your RAM, by typing (no quotes) "powercfg -h off" and hitting enter; it will cause the hibernation file to cease to exist...
  3. Since you didn't mention anything about the OS, is it configured to shutdown and power off the system?
  4. ok thanks guys i will try that when i get home from work.
    i am running windows 7rc 64bit at the moment, but i use to have windows xp 64bit installed and it still did the same thing. so i am thinking it mite be those bios settings maybe....
  5. i tried turning sleep off and the power button setting in the bios. still no go....
    when i shut down windows it all shuts down properly, but all the fans and the power supply are all still running.then i have to press and hold the power button for it turn off,its like back in the day of the dark ages of windows 95
  6. Just for clarification, you have selected this:

    in the BIOS, and you don't get a proper shutdown? Very peculiar - BIOS problem? What rev are you running? Have you ever done a "Load Optimized Defaults"? Failure to do so may cause the system to 'ignore' the ACPI hardware...
  7. i just tried that setting and i also loaded fail safe and optimazed settings still not shutting power off. and i have noticed that the caps num and scroll lights on the keyboard flashing as well as the psu and fans still running. i am running rev1 with f9a bios.
  8. I'm beginning to think it's time (as garbled as their replies usually are) to contact GB - try a post over at TweakTown - Janus Yeh there is a GB tech rep, ans LSD, their resident genius, may have some thought, as well. Feel free to tell 'em I sent you - we go back a ways...
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