Disk Read Error with new install

I have placed a new WD SAT 7200 rpm hard in my PC. I went through the Window XP Pro set up. When the PC boot back up I got Disk Read Error Cntr+ALT+Del to reboot. I placed back my old drive back and
the new one as a second drive. I'm old drive booted right into windows and I can see all the Windows directories from the install on the new drive.

Any help would be appricated,

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  1. Did you check the Bios settings?
  2. All,

    The issue was my install Disk to reinstall Windows had gone bad. I have several Dell computers, so I tried another. The issue was I need to reformat the partiction I started with the bad disk before trying the new. Once I figured that out, my reinstall went file. I'm back up and running.

    The tread can be consider closed.

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