Kingston Flash Drive Size Issues?

I recently purchased 2 Kingston drives. 1 is a 32GB Micro and the other a 128GB USB Thumb drive. Both are telling me that they are significantly smaller than what they are supposed to be...Micro says 8MB and supposed to be 32GB (Stamped on the card) and the Flash thumb drive says 0kb and supposed to be 128GB. Both also are requesting that I format them but when I go to format, I am told it is a read only. I have ready the "Change write protected drive" posts and tried those but it does not change anything. The drive still asks me to format. I have tried them on both PC and Macs with no luck. The Flash wants to default format to NTSF and not FAT, the format option wont even give me a FAT option on an XP, PC. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks and enjoy the weekend!
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  1. oh, BTW, I tried already formatting with the CMD prompt and am told the drive cannot be formatted.?
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