Samsung f3 1tb and new ssd?

I have a single samsung spinpoint f3 1tb loaded with Win 7 Pro and all my games and everything else, I would like to add an ssd to speed up my system. Can anyone recommend a good 60-64gb drive, since this will be a operating system boot drive, also I don't want to lose any data,but will my os need to be deleted from the 1tb drive and re-installed on the ssd?
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  1. Check the SSD article by Tom's Hardware.

    Easy would be to reinstall and backup your data on f3. But you can make an iso of old Windows. keep the size in check though.
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    I would go with the OCZ Vertex 2

    I would make a backup of all of your data, install the operating system on the SSD than do a clean format of the 1TB drive and install the backed up data back on it. This will give you the cleanest setup... IMO.
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