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I have a hyper 212+ on an i5-750 OC'ed to 3,8ghz and the temps are fine (55-57C max @ load) but i am worried about the size of the heatsink. If you own one you know what i mean. The copper ends of the cooler are merely touching the side panel which i dont have a side fan just the side of the case. Now, should i be worried about static discharge on anything else bad happening to the CPU because of that contact? I also bended the side of the case as much as i could without hurting it and the distance is less then a millimeter between that copper ends and the case. Should i be looking to get another case? The case has 18cm width and the next case i could search is a 20cm case.
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    I havent heard of static discharge through cpu coolers... but its possible if the cpu has a manufacturing glitch in which case the rig would have died by now...

    the only problem i can foresee is temperature from the fins transferring to the case's side panel... if you have about a mm gap it should be OK... i cant see this as a reason to change the case... unless you are really bothered about it...
  2. The material that touches (or misses by less than 1mm) the side panel are the copper heatpipes that goes to the CPU. I am not concerned about heat transfered to the side panel i couldnt care less about that, i am worried if something is transferred to the CPU by this merely contact.
  3. i dont see anything other than heat getting transferred...
  4. Well the side panel isn't a heat generating factor i guess, so if the only problem is heat that will show in the CPU temps. But now they are more than ok, so we'll wait and see.
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