SATA Ports not working

Please help!!!

Ok I have a Dell XPS 430. The mobo as far as I know has 5 sata connections on it. There are two right beside the RAM and the 3 further down the motherboard.

I want to install a second drive. The problem is that nothing will work when I plug it into my bottom 3 ports. The top 2 are being used by the primary factory drive and the optical drive.

Now I switched the optical for the new hdd to see if my drive was the problem. I boot windows and it comes right up. I got it from a friend and it worked fine without any need for formatting.

So my question is a) can I use the other 3 sata ports? and b) if not what are the ports used for?

Thanks in advance
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    You may have to enter the BIOS to setup the new HDD on the SATA ports. Press the F2 key right after you start the computer. The BIOS setting options are here.
  2. Found it. thanks for the help.
  3. You're welcome.
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