Weak Thermal Compound

I just reseated my heatsink yesterday I used artic cooler MX-2 thermal compound. I had astonising results my q6600 was at 28-32'C idle and i was using a arctic freezer 7 pro. Today I looked at temps and they aren't as low anymore. Now my temps are 30-34'C idle. :??:

I dont understand why it went 2 degrees higher. :pt1cable: :pt1cable:

i thought by time the temps would drop not increase
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  1. You may have used more compound than before. Less is better. But relax. Your current temps of 30-34 are fine. I wouldn't remove it again. You might damage something. I would leave it alone.
  2. To be honest I dont care about the 2'C difference because before It use to idle at 39-43 or 42-46
    So am glad with my new results and apparently it fluactuates between 27-35 idle. most common 30-34 though. :sol:
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