Motherboard or Memory ? Where's the problem ?

Hi people,

I just put together a system but i can't get it started. Here's the deal...

ASUS Mobo M4A78T-E (link)
Phenom II X4 965 B.E.
G.Skill F3-10600CL9S-2GBNT (2gbx2 DDR3 1333 mhz)(link)
Coolermaster Extreme Power Plus SMPS 600 W

So what happened was that when i booted it, it gave a single beep and then the display showed all these grids with varying colors. It then restarted on its own and then off and on.......loop

I suspected that it was the ram. So what i did was changed the slots and all that kinda stuff, but bleh =>same output.
Then i put an external graphics card some old nVidia Ge Force and then the system came to life, it started and the display was normal.
Took out the graphics card and the problem came back.

It made me think in two directions.

1) The mobo onboard ( ATI -this being 512mb shared and 128 mb side port ) GPU was at fault.

2) The mobo manual says that the DDR 3 Ram must have chips which are at least 256mb size-each. The ram that i have is 2GBx2 with each DIMM having 16 chips of 128mb each. But the RAM worked perfectly with the the external GPU in use.
Could this mean that the onboard GPU if in use must be supported by RAM which has individual chips of 256mb or more -as stated in the ASUS mobo manual ? If yes, then that means that this old nVidia GPU had a lower memory requirement and hence my ram worked with it - is it ??
So where is the problem ??? RAM or MOBO ??

Well, in any case I am getting a mobo replacement, but not sure if that is what will solve the problem ?
Could you guys please throw light on something that I maybe totally missing ?

I am really missing my machine :(

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  1. Hello people ! has anyone had similar problems ?
  2. You said the a GPU and all system could be work again...
  3. Thanks for answering. But where's the problem really ?
  4. If you try with a external GPU and the system works without problems, you intergrated GPU of the mobo is dead...or fail...but with the system that you have, is better that buy a GPU not integrated to the mobo..
  5. The problem is the motherboard, if adding a graphics card solved the problem then the on-board gpu is faulty. If the system will POST with the memory that you have then it's not an issue, as further reassurance of this you can slap that graphics card back in and run memtest on your ram
  6. Thanks for replying. But what about the meaning of the instructions in the ASUS mobo manual ?? It says that ddr3 ram with chips less than 256mb are not compatible.
  7. Best answer
    So you're referring to the individual chips on the ram stick?

    I sincerely doubt that's what the instruction on the manual is referring too. I would take it to mean you can't install less than a 256meg (total) stick onto the board. Which I don't think you can even buy...

    Good Luck with your new board
  8. Thanks Pinkeyes... I think the mobo replacement with do it for me !
  9. It was the MOBO ! Problem resolved. Replaced the mobo with same model but fresh piece and it worked !Thanks guys for the help
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