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When I start up my PC I get the option of doing a start up repair or start windows normally. When I do either, it loads for a few seconds (has the green status bar) but then the screen goes black and nothing happens, so I have to turn off the PC and turn it back on. I do have the option of booting, going into options and system recovery. When I do system recovery, the screen eventually goes blue (not the BSOD) and I'm able to move the mouse, but nothing loads after that. I tried using my Vista CD as a boot disc, but that doesn't work.

This all started when I was trying to get my monitor to switch to digital. When the monitor was hooked up through the DVI cable, it would get to the log in screen, then go black. So I had to plug it in with the VGA cable, which worked fine. I checked in my monitor's manual, and it said to go into safe mode, then change the settings to digital. I tried doing this but I still couldn't get it to work with the DVI cable. I downloaded the latest driver for my monitor and PC, but that didn't work either. I then disabled analog mode and I was able to log in using digital, but the max resolution was quite small. So I tried rebooting and re-enable analog. But now I no longer have the option for safe mode, just a repair or normal.

So now I'm stucking using an older an slower computer. What can I do to fix this? Is there anything I can do in the options, or can I somehow get back into safe mode?
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  1. What is the CPU Socket, Manufacturer and Model, Graphics card Slot type, Manufacturer and model, and Monitor Manufacturer and model.
  2. I'm not sure what a CPU Socket it. It's an HP Pavillion a1730n. The graphics card is an ATI Radeon 9200 PCI. The monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 225bw.

    I have tried taking out the video card and plugging into the integrated card. I also tried hooking up another monitor. Neither of those worked though.
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