PLEASE HELP! TV Tuner Problems Driving Me Crazy

Okay so I have been trying to get my PC set up to watch TV and it should have been very simple... Buy a TV tuner, install, setup, watch TV, BUT it has been a nightmare!

Here is the problem:

After installation of the card I follow the instructions and cancel the Windows driver wizard and install everything on the CD (ComproDTV 3, ComproDVD 2, ComproFM 2 and the driver). But it freezes anywhere from during the installation of the driver or ComproDTV 3, or when I try and setup or watch TV. I have been able to get to the stage where I am watching a program but it freezes right in the middle. I have tried using ComproDTV 3 and Windows Media Center to view it but there are problems with both. I first tried it on Vista because it was designed for it but have also tried it on Widnows XP Home and Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7000 Beta and the same problems for all. It will also sometimes freeze during other tasks such as checking for Windows Updates or moving and uncompressing files with WinRAR. Furthermore after installation my PC will sometimes continually restart and have to be turned off at the power. I am pretty sure it isn’t the TV tuner because I originally bought a “Leadtek Winfast PxDTV2300H Hybrid TV Tuner” only to find my motherboard only had HD sound and no AC 97 but it suffered similar problems. It could be the motherboard but it is less than 2 months old and everything works fine without the TV tuners plugged in. Could it be the PCI-E x1 slot? If so how could I test it (I only have 1 PCI-E x 1 slot?

I would appreciate any help or suggestions at all as I am completely stumped.

My system information:

Chassis: Gigabyte Poseidon Black Mid Tower Case, Aluminum Bezel, 10x Driv
Motherboard: INTEL DX58SO ATX MB
Processor: CORE i7 920 2.66GHz 4.8GT QPI 8MB CACHE LGA1366
Hard drive: 3.5 CUDA 7200.11, 1TB, 7200RPM, 32MB, SATA2 3.0Gb s, NCQ, 3YR
Graphics card: GTX285, 1GB, 512bit, DDR3, 648Mhz, 2xDVI, HDCP, HDTV, PCIE2.0
RAM: Corsair TR3X6G1333C9 6GB (3x XMS3 2GB) PC-10600 (1333MHz) XMS DD
Power supply: 800W Gigabyte ODIN GT Power Supply, 140mm Fan, PCI-E(6+2) Pin, 6
TV Tuner: Compro Videomate E800F

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  1. Latest version is DTV4, I have been running it for a while now and it seems OK.
  2. Thanks but I have actually already downloaded that and I am pretty sure it isn't the player which is the problem since it occurs with Windows Media Center as well. It also occurs while not in use.
  3. I found version 3 to be a bit glitchy on Vista 64, version 4 is a lot better but sometimes on startup it will try and use four cores on either Vista 64 or XP 32, I haven't got round to trying it in the dual core rig yet.
  4. If you can return that tuner card.... try this one hauppage 2250.. This is what i use and it works well with windows media center (vista-64 ultimate).

    I also use ATI PCIE 650...Hardware is great but the software is unstable. Require a lot of work for software to run in windows media center.

    Hauppage 1800/1600 are good.

    PCIE is better if you have one available.

    I tried different brands before and the common issues are drivers.
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