Asus P6T - Bad bios flash

Hi people....

I am desesperated...........

I have wanted to flash the bios of my p6t with the latest one, since it was possible it would make the boot faster + lot more improvments.
Since i am not having a floppy, i used an asus bios software for windows 64, since i run on vista 64 and others were not working
I installed it, and all was ok. i select the bios rom file i want to install and press ok.
it goes through the 2 first steps ok (deleting, flashing), but it does not work on the 3rd.
I cancel and quit the utility

I try to restart to see what it did.... and nothing happens on screen.
I have not my package, not the dvd to try the asus crash free..... i cannot find a dvd of it to burn and try....... I have no floppym just a usb key...

I see that i did a big mistake and i feel so crazily bad, i feel having to puke since i am so stressed...... :(((((((((((((((

what can i do ?? where to find the dvd that i could burn ? How to use this crashfree software of asus with a usb key ??
awesomly worried, and wonderfully stupid :/
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  1. really no one knows anything???
  2. Call asus tech support and they'll send you a new BIOS chip most likely, will probably cost about 20dollars.

    In the future, after making sure you have the right BIOS for your motherboard, put the new BIOS onto your flash drive and use the EZ-Flash utility in the BIOS.
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