Problems with E-Geforce 7200 GS

Ok, so here is the situation,

Have an old 6600 gt in my computer as of right now. It is dyin, and I can only boot up in safe mode or in vga mode to get any kind of display. At bios, I am showing artifacts up and down screen. In vga, its 8 bit color with 640X 480 resolution, and in safe mode it gets 800X 600 in 32 bit color.

I just went to the store to day to buy a cheap replacement. Got a 7200 gs for 40 bucks. Old as sin, but bottom line I just wanted to be able to view my computer in normal quality.

However, when I put the 7200 in my computer, it does not even register. Meaning I cant even get the bios and load up to display. Lcd monitor remains blank and light flashes on and off. I cannot figure out why this card would not work with this system. I can't imagine it being an issue with anything else other than the card, because, and though its annoying, I can still use my computer with moderate success in vga (music, movies, browsing).

If anyone has any ideas, or can point me in the right direction, I would be most appreciative. Been like this for a couple months, but been too poor and lazy (recent college grad) to fix it. Now I am in a spot where I can, and would like to hear some advice, thanks so much,
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  1. We'll need to know the rest of the parts in your system, especially the mobo.
  2. Onus said:
    We'll need to know the rest of the parts in your system, especially the mobo.

    Fair enough,

    DFI LANParty NF4 SLI-DR is the current motherboard Im using. This includes:

    2 corsair ddr 2 1 gig sticks of ram

    6600 GT Geforce (All but dead it seems)

    Amd Athlon 3000+ ~2200 Mhz

    Creative Soundblaster Audigy ZS Sound Card

    I believe a Seagate 200 GB Hard Drive 7200 RPM

    Coolmax CX-450B PSU

    Card I am trying to use is the E-Geforce 7200 GS
  3. As a side note, I just tried using an old CRT monitor and plugged it into the adapter that came with the card, and got the same results (No Signal/Input) so it is definitely an issue with something int he computers innards.
  4. I got a dead 7200 GS from Newegg today, 2nd one in the past couple months, starting not to trust them anymore.
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