My burned dvd wont play on the dvd player

Hi there. I’ve been burning a lot of avi files into data discs using nero express to watch on my dvd player. However recently there’s a problem, 3 movies (all within the 1.4gb size) stops at a certain point when played on my dvd player. I burned two dvds with the same file in it but with the same result. The file however is playable using vlc back in the desktop, but is running real fast on the divx player instead. What could be the problem.
Btw - before this I was using an internal dvd writer, now on an external writer. Could this be a factor?
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  1. It is likely that you need to slow down the burn speed when you burn to the external burner to prevent errors on the disk. The external burner cannot recieve information as smoothly and quickly as an internal one.
  2. Before this was using a LG internal writer, now too am on an ext LG writer, using nero express.
    It's all moot now cos my 4 year old cpu power supply blew up :(
    Thinking of getting a hd media player instead now.
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