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Hey all! Basically I am looking at running high definition tv and my xbox 360 on my PC, and a BenQ G2412HD monitor. What I am basically wondering is what type/price range of TV tuner am I looking for? I use this site a lot (Australian prices) and they are always cheap, so if someone could find something to link me from this site below it would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea what I am looking for. Thanks a lot guys! <3
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  1. Hauppague makes the most widley used and compatible tuners.

    If you are going to use windows media center, you need to go to microsoft and look at approved tuners, or use happague brand, as it is what microsoft used in their media center pc's and recommendations and it is almost universally supported.

    I use the win tvr-1600 and it doesent even need any drivers installed except the remote control driver, used it on vista 64 and win 7 RC. Works out of box with windows !
  2. So if I wanted to watch TV I would be running it through Windows Media Centre? I use Vista 64bit atm, will be updating to windows 7. So basically the Happague TVR-1600 would do the trick nicely? Is it full 1080p HD?
  3. It is HD and analog cabpable, 2 inputs :D. You don't have to use media center, Happague supplies their own version, but it is clunky and ugly and media center in windows is nicer.

    If you can get NTSC, or QAM down there then this card will work great. If your stations cable company use DVB, you may need a different card, like this:

    that will also work for you, i just don't think kworld has good driver support.

    I see conflicting info on HDTV standards there as far as ntsc, QAM and DVB use, if you have cable, ask tech support if you don't know.

    If you have QAM, and can use NTSC too, the happague is a nicer card.
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