Computer keeps rebooting and will not load up to the desktop

Upon getting into facebook this morning I noticed that the computer was running slow. So i got out of facebook shut chrome down and went and restarted the computer. Well what a mistake. I've tried everything and still can't get windows xp to load up and get into the desktop. Wondering how to fix this?? It just keeps rebooting. It trys to load xp, then I get a blue screen and it shuts down and starts back up again
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  1. can you get into Safe mode?

    have you check the temperatures?

    are all fans inside the computer spinning?
  2. Try re-seating the RAM, it happened to me last week. May not work for you, but its a suggestion.
  3. Get a windows XP cd and boot from cd, if you are able to load files and get to the install screen, then its a software issue, possibly a virus that corrupted your registry. All you need to do is reinstall windows again. You can also Use Ubuntu to perform the test its free and reliable, download it from its web site and make a bootable cd. Instructions are in the website.
    If you cannot boot with a boot CD (win or ubuntu) then you may have a hardware issue, a lot of times its a bad hadr drive that requires a new HDD and OS system install.
    Good Luck.
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