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My computer has been working fine for the past year. recently my step daughter came to me with her computer to ad a wireless card to it. I unpluged my monitor, mouse, and keyboardto configure her computer. When I plugged everthing back into my computer thats when I began having troubles. First It's slow to boot up , then the video is all garbled. I replaced the hdmi cable (didn't Work),Then I replacer the video card ,I still get the same Garbled signal. This last time I booted the machine I got A checksum error message. I built this machine myself. Asus rampage mobo, 2 gigs ram, q6600 cpu ,1000w ultra ps,and an ati 4870 video card. signed clueless
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  1. when is the video garbed?

    It is also garbled if you enter BIOS ?
  2. Yes, video is still gabbled. I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything yesterday. system is still slow to boot and video garbled when play flight sim. I have to warm boot several times to get machine to bring up the video.
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