Xp search cant find tmp files

Search in XP can't find .tmp files
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  1. The default location of Windows temp folder is at Documents and Settings/{your account}/Local Settings/Temp.

    It is shamefully set to not appear in Windows Explorer until you enable showing of hidden files and maybe even to show Protected System files... I'm not sure of this one, it's been a long time for me.

    You can change the system temp folder location.
    Make a new folder in your system drive... C? and name it Temp.
    Do this:
    Start>Control Panel>System>Environment Variables (button)>User Variables for {your account name}/ and click on the first one "TEMP" and click "Edit"
    In the text box that appears, change to the path to the new Temp folder you made earlier, and do the same for the second one "TMP" to make both go to the same new folder. Click OK and from now on, the temp folder is handy to find and to empty once in awhile.
  2. Thanks for the reply!

    The problem is that showing hidden files and folders as well as protected system files had been enabled, but .tmp files that we could see with our own eyes weren't found by Search in XP! They'd not been indexed, presumably. We were looking for a missing .tmp file that had been created by AutoCad, something it automatically does, but the file really was gone. Trying to find it is how we discovered XP's default limitations in this regard.
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