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"At $99, the Radeon HD 4770 was an award winner. At $109, it remains a good demonstration of 40 nm manufacturing at work and, as mentioned, a recommended alternative to the Radeon HD 4850/GeForce GTS 250 for budget-crunched gamers. Well-played ATI, well played."

"Products like these offer very decent gaming performance targeted at the budget end-user below a 100 USD level. That's stuff to think about for a minute. I mean, for less than 100 bucks you'll be able to get a videocard that performs pretty much the same as the Radeon HD 4850. I think that's impressive, an achievement all by itself. Next to that you have been able to see that the card actually can compete with a GeForce GTS 250 in several scenarios, this is the sole reason why I inserted that card in the comparison, and not a 9800 GT which is what the 4770 is originally targeted at."

"As for the competition, the 4770 comes out on top in the games we tested. The more expensive GTS 250 leads in Call of Duty World at War, while the 4770 blows the doors off everything in Age of Conan. As for the other benchmarks, they come out pretty close with the 4770 generally ahead. But the clencher is FarCry 2 performance which shows the Radeon HD 4770 leading the GTS 250 fairly well in a heavy hitting graphics engine."

"The fact that a $100 graphics card is only 5-7% slower than the Radeon HD 4850 is indeed fantastic and signifies that the wave of revolutionary change has finally arrived to the sector of the most inexpensive gaming products."

"Thus, the Radeon HD 4770 is a revolutionary product indeed as it can deliver excellent performance, equal to the previous year’s $200 solutions, for only $100 or even less. Moreover, the new card from ATI is compact, quiet and economical despite the complexity of its GPU, thanks to the 40nm tech process. Additionally, like the rest of the ATI Radeon HD 4000 family, it is endowed with advanced multimedia capabilities including a full-featured hardware HD video decoder and an integrated HDMI audio core.

Right now, Nvidia does not have anything that might compete with the Radeon HD 4700 as it easily beats the GeForce 9800 GT, let alone GeForce 9600 GT, whereas the GeForce GTS 250 belongs to higher price category even in its 512MB version. The release of the Radeon HD 4770 means that the Radeon HD 4850 is going to leave the market: officially priced at $129, it is no faster than the cheaper Radeon HD 4770 whereas the higher-performance Radeon HD 4870 now costs only $149. And this does not seem to be the limit of price reduction."

"The Radeon HD 4770 performed very well throughout out entire battery of tests. Generally speaking, the Radeon HD 4770 offers performance a step above NVIDIA's similarly priced GeForce 9800 GT in most games and a notch behind the more expensive Radeon HD 4850 and GeForce 9800 GTX+."
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  1. Hexus gave it a good review and found it to be faster than the 4850 in a lot of games.
  2. this is a nice card. though the reference design would have been really great for $99
  3. None of the cards seem to have the cooler thats on it in the reviews though, small point but it means the air will be still in the case and not pushed out the back.
    I ordered one first thing today. I wondered about waiting for the non referance cards but decided i could get one now and buy a non referance later if they are that good and sell the standard card.

  4. I also ended up buying a reference card. I really hope this card doesnt get hot inside a small case with a Intel Q8200. If it does, going to have to find a away to sell my card and get one thats going to push the hot air out the back.

    I just got my new computer so it was really hard for me to talk myself into waiting a month or so to get a video card. Want to spoil my baby.
  5. The only HD 4770 that exhausts air out the rear (which I've seen) is from XFX and it is not expected to be released until the end of May.
  6. I have installed one in my new system and it is performing better than I could have hoped. Games play seamlessly and are set to high resolution, temperature does not appear to be an issue with my case fans being able to combat any heat output that is generated.

    All in all, for less than £90 you cant really go wrong.
  7. Very good to know that Heat was not a problem with the stock fan in the computer. I am getting mine this week so Ill have to check.
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