Windows 7 or Vista for ASRock X58 Extreme?

I will be building my new PC (i7 920 with the ASRock X58 Extreme) this weekend, but am still undecided about which OS (Vista or Windows 7) to install. I have a MSDN subscription, so all current versions of Vista and Windows 7 are available to me.

I want to take advantage of ASRock's instant boot, and I also want to make sure that all my peripherals (printer, wireless mouse, Wacom tablet, WD World Book, etc.) are compatible.

I will not be running SLI with my video card (EVGA 896-P3-1257-AR GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked Edition 896MB), but would like to down the road.

Any opinions on which OS and version of the OS I should go with?
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    I would go with WIN 7 if I were you...But even Vista is good that too after installing the SP1, but WIN 7 is more optimized and takes up less resources than Vista...

    And make sure you get the 64-bit version...
  2. Bibble,

    Windows 7 offers many great new features. To learn more about how Windows 7 can meet your needs Microsoft does have a site with whitepapers, tutorials, walkthroughs and screen casts on all the “under the hood” features in Win 7. Check out the Springboard site for Windows 7 on TechNet here

    Also, if you would like to read what other users have said about their positive experience with Windows 7, you may want to check out the following sites: and

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  3. I would suggest 7, one, because it's better in everyway, and two, because all (or almost all) Vista drivers work with Windows 7.
  4. I went with Windows 7 (64-bit) and am very pleased so far. The only issue is that I've had to visit each vendor's site for drivers. The CDs that accompanied each component did not have compatible drivers and software.

    I'm still struggling with my wireless setup as well, but only because Netgear won't update their older products for Windows 7.
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