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i5 750 with Hyper 212+ question about Advanced Voltage Settings :

I have it currently OC'ed to 3.2/3.8 with Turbo and all states enabled and it is running fine. I use 160 BCLK and x8 Ram because the memory is rated 1333mhz. The question is : the CPU VID is pretty high it is 1.30625v and i use that currently. When running prime full load CPU-Z shows 1,28v and while gaming etc. the max value on HWMonitor is 1.31. Should i bother finding the lowest possible voltage or should i leave it that way? Temps are 55-57C full load and 25-30 idle. To summarise the settings :

CPU Vcore 1.30625v / Normal
Dynamic Vcore -/+ 0.00000v
Qpi/Vtt 1.19
Dram Voltage 1.66
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  1. Sounds like auto voltage. You're ok tho. Up to you if you want to optimize it. Could probably drop it to 1.28 or so. Keep your VTT where it is... tho if you bump it up to maybe 1.2, 1.21 you can drop Vcore a little more (then tend to work together).

    Also if you want to run your RAM at 1280 you should try to reduce the timings by 1 at your current voltage, just to see if it'll work. Otherwise I'd also suggest giving 1600mhz a try, and up the timings by 1. It won't make a huge difference but it'll be better optimized if you care to try.
  2. Used -0.02500v as Dynamic Vcore and now full loads on Prime 1.264v and during games and stuff 1.28v. And is stable. I will try the ram at 1600 at another time.
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    What are you checking stability with?
  4. wolfram23 said:
    What are you checking stability with?

    Me sitting on the PC, not seeing blue screens
  5. How should i be checking stability? I run prime blend tests and intel burn test. Should i be looking into anything else?
  6. No those are fine. I prefer IBT, personally, because it's much quicker. Just make sure to run at a high stress setting for more reliable results.

    Prime95 blend is almost identical to what IBT does just slower. If you run the FFT (can't remember, large or small) it'll stress CPU almost exclusively so if you get errors in both you can rule out if it's the CPU or RAM causing errors, that is, if you overclock the RAM.
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