Hey guys,

I was wondering if im bottlenecking my GTX 460 (880 core /2100 memory) with the current CPU I have, an E8500 at stock speeds. If I am, to how much mHz do I need to clock it to compensate? I got it to 3.8 gHz before but the fans are way too loud then. Maybe there is software available to overclock it, so I can turn it off again when im done playing games?

Thanks :ange:
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  1. Maybe a little but nothing to worry about. I would clock it to around 3.4 on stock cooling and enjoy.
  2. You can stick at 3.8ghz but get an aftermarket cpu cooler for heat dissipation efficiency. It can even go up to 4ghz.
  3. I think at 3.4 or higher your not going to have any bottleneck.
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