6870 clocks read 300mhz :( even in 3D mode

6870 clocks read 300mhz even when running Furmark and at 100% GPU load

why does it do this and how do i get it to run my overclocked settings at 1000MHz?
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  1. Hmmm what are you using to monitor frequencies? I'd get a second opinion.
  2. My 5770 often reports a 157mhz speed on catalyst although im running at 960/1350, maybe like the cpu it slows down as required and the lower number is the current speed?
    like speedstep does for your cpu.
  3. hmm...well i think going in MSI Afterburner's cfg file and changing the Enableunofficialoverclock from 0 to 1 it seems to work now...
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    cool, glad you got sorted :)
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