"Repair" Win7 every time I add a hard drive?


How many of you run a Win7 repair routine to reset the OS understanding of HD connector choices every time you add an internal Hard Drive? I get conflicting instructions from several sources about this "requirement" when HD SATA cables are added or HD cables are switched around among connectors.

This weekend I'd be simply adding another Seagate XT (2TB 7200rpm SATA3-capable enterprise-level hardware) in my JBOD configuration. Do I really need to go through this repair step to add a hard drive? Or change connectors? I never did so before Win7.

I'd like to continue to experiment with different choices in controller-HD configurations and I don't like taking the step to "repair" each time. Seems risky and leads to many updates. As a enthusiast who needs a top-performing machine to do my professional photo work, I expect to make changes in hardware. I bought and built with this Gigabyte board because I wanted the SATA3 throughput.

In practice that turned out to be harder to achieve than I had hoped. Less speed than hoped and more control oddities: for instance, working with Gigabyte (USA) tech support they have confirmed that during boot the Marvell controller is going to mistakenly report the AHCI-configured drives on the Marvell controller as IDE even though they are "really" AHCI. (Those two drives are my existing two Barracuda XT's. I am installing a third for backups this weekend depending on your replies and suggestions.) So maybe those Barracuda XTs all belong on the Intel controller because they are my main I/O and need to be on the most reliable controller system. So another switch would be in order. Another "Repair" routine?

I run Win7 64-bit Home Premium.

Mobo: Gigabyte x58A-u3dr with three SATA controller choices.
1. Intel's (6 connectors)
2. Marvell 9128 SATA3 but not really that extra fast... (2 connectors)
3. Gigabyte's own SATA-on-a-chip (2 connectors)

Running F6, the latest BIOS last I looked.

Boot drive is a Crucial 300 SSD 128Gig

Thanks, in advance, for suggestions and shared experience.

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  1. Just wanted to add that both I and Gigabyte's tech support are satisfied that I have the BIOS set correctly for the all-AHCI operation I want.

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