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How to crossfire xfx 5850

how do i crossfire xfx 5850's or how do i check crossfire is working.
because in msi after burner i have kombuster running and its only working on 1 gpu while the other gpu(gpu2) isnt being used.
~only the temps in gpu 1 go up and the usage.
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  1. Emerald said:
    are you using a crossfire bridge?

    did you activated it in the ATI software?

    yes and yes
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    the ATI software should show if the crossfire is active or if there is a problem
  3. it shows that its active but still doesnt use 2 gpus while running that benchmark.
  4. Quote:
    could be a driver issue for that software amd gfx drivers are notoriously bad for crossfire support. are you using the latest 1s?, patched?, whql?

    sorry im a noob at this. but how do i check if its the latest driver/ patch. ??
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