The old grey P4S5A she ain't what she used to be.

Goodday, I am running a P4S5A motherboard on our old comp. I have a radeon X700 in it and 756 MB of ram are showing up in control panel/gen systems. (think there is more installed, but does not show up)Is there any hope of upgading it enough to keep WOW going on it?
We currently are running Burning crusade on it , but only in windows mode. I see that i can upgrade to 2GB in SDR...(i think that is correct) The manual says 2 DDR + 2 SDR up to 2GB system memory.(pretty sure I should get PC2700 for this)

It is 4X AGP video
FSB speeds of up to 400/533 Mhz
P4 running at 2Ghz
I know this system is barely tottering, but it works well enough to play on, but would be nice to speed it up a little bit , for the last days of its limited life poor old girl.

I am just starting to try to learn how computer hardware lingo works, but don't really understand enough yet to know what components are compatible.

Thank you
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    Sorry man, I think you're better off just saving for an entirely new rig. Your current one however, will find renewed vigor as a surfing/business app workstation.
  2. Yeah that is what i figured, thanks for the confirmation.
  3. I beg your pardon dude!!!
    But, I have owned a couple of these MoBos in the past 7 + years and the only problem I have had, was that the Caps alonge side of the CPU had exploded, due to lack of POWER SUPPLY. So I installled another one of these MoBos and changed out the 300watt supply to a 500 watt power supply and all has been great since.
    So, please don't be slandering this " Old Grey Mear " as you call it.

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