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Hi all

We do point of sale and there's a very weird problem I'm having, We recently went in to service a customer's pc's one by one, i.o.w replace the caps, format the hdd and reload windows xp sp2 along with all their drivers and documents, so he has 4 computers in total, one at the back and three in front and the pc at the back has the hp deskjet5100 installed onto it, long story, but I HAVE to have the default printer on windows set to the hp but everytime that we restart the pc's it just resets the default printer, since they've got a slip printer installed as well, it always defaults after restarting windows to the slip printer, it's a Bixolon SRP-350 Serial interface, on the pc that has the printer installed onto it we're not having the problem it's only the pc's connecting through the network that keep doing it and it's all of them, can anyone please help me with suggestions? It's quite a nightmare.

Thanks in advance
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