Will my CPU bottlneck a new video card?

I have an intel core 2 duo e6550 2.33ghz

I'm currently using a 8600GS video card and it's just not enough to power my '24 monitor on 1920x1200.

If I buy a hd4870 (thinking either 1gig or 512mb) will my CPU bottlneck it? If so how badly?

Also I'm using 2gig ddr2 memory.
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  1. Yes, teh cpu will be a bottle neck. Yes, you will still see large gains with a 4870.. The bottleneck won't be severe particularly but you could surely stand a few more MHz OC on the CPU.

    Frankly though.. there are not many games that take full advantage of multi threading.. as such most people's cpu's are the bottleneck.. to varying degree's of course.
  2. get a quad core or a faster core 2 duo

    if u can :)
  3. You will be fine, yes faster CPU's are available and would give you higher frame rates but thats not what constitutes a Bottleneck.
    You will be CPU restricted which people who dont fully understand the principles involved call the same thing.
    Your CPU is only Very slightly slower tham a 6600, a Quad wouldnt make a differance per say, not unless it was a faster rated quad.
    You could always overclock your CPU of course, but if you decide you want to get a better CPU then get a faster Core2 as games just are not coded to take advantage of a quad yet.
    If you want to buy for the long term then there might be some amount of future proofing in getting a Quad but thats up to you.

  4. @ baustin612: Yes, it will hold back the card a bit but I would not worry too much about it.
    At that resoloution go for the 1Gb card but also consider the GTX260 (much the same performance as the HD4870 but from Nvidia) or the GTX275 which is somewhat faster than either.
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