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Core i7 920 vs Q9650/Q9550 In Crossfire

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July 11, 2009 6:12:11 PM

I'm going to build a new computer with two HD 4890's. I know that in tri/quadfire, the 920 beats the C2Q hands down, but with these two cards, which will get higher frame rates?

If I went with the Core i7, the system specs would be:

Core i7 920
2 x XFX HD 4890's
MSI X58 Pro
3x1GB Corsair DDR3 Dominator

And if I went for Core 2 Quad:

Core 2 Quad Q9550/Q9650
2 x XFX HD 4890's
Asus Maximus Extreme (x38)
4 x 2GB Corsair DDR3 Dominator

Thanks for the help!!
July 12, 2009 2:03:54 AM

Mousemonkey said:
And SLi scales better than Crossfire, apparently.

I'm not quite sure I follow what you're showing. A 4890 and GTX 285 are not comparable in this sense. The image you provided just shows the cards in Crossfire/SLI with no way to compare them from one to two cards. I don't think you can find how well one system scales without first knowing how a single card scores first.

In the performance score, the 4890 from GPU test 1 to GPU test 2 shows a difference of 4%. The GTX 285 was 3.4% different.

In the Extreme, the 4890 the GPU test 2 was 77.3% of GPU test 1. The GTX 285's GPU test 2 score was 74.4% of GPU test 1. I'm not sure if these scores are comparable in the sense I'm displaying, but this shows the 4890 is scaling better if indeed these numberes are comparable. Also, in the Extreme, the GTX285's score is 135% better than the 4890, but in the GPU tests, it scores 137% and 132%, respectively. This averages out to 134.5%, which is less than the 135%, but still very close.

Edit* These calculations were done with the GTX 285 no Physx.