Overclocking Pentrium 4

I need help with overclocking my pentium 4 3.40ghz. Does it go beyond 3.5Ghz? :S Everytime I try to go beyond 3.5GHz the computer can't boot sucessfully into windows; the screen blurs at the login screen with lots of horizontal lines.. I don't know if the cpu is overheating or the memory/sata drive is failing.
Can you please help me :)
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  1. What's the speed of your ram your using? Is it 667 or 800?
  2. Make sure you've locked the PCI bus to 100mHz...
  3. venjhammet - could be DDR1
    marcellis22 - PCI bus is 33mhz, AGP 66mhz and PCIE is 100mhz

    nadesgalore - wouldnt bother, end of the day its a dinosaur, even at 7ghz wouldnt compare to an E3300 CELERON of today
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