"main display" right click "not working" right?

Problem: I can not create a folder on my desktop on my main display. By right clicking on the desktop or a folder on the main display. No menus open either, just the main menu after you right click.

I have a two display setup and the "main display" assigned by windows is having the issue. When you right click on the secondary display everything works fine. The menus open etc.

I really know it's something easy I'm overlooking but have no clue. It seems impossible to search for it but I now someone can call me out on that! Maybe with an automated google search? I would really appreciate anything! LOL :) Help Please! :)
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  1. I found this information searching the web place:


    I forgot about safe mode! I am thinking it must be some crap app disabling it after startup. I will need to figure out which crap app though! :)
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