Motherboard advice.

Hi i'm looking to buy a motherboard that supports the following:

AGP Graphics Card

Dual core processor.

I'm looking to spend £100 on both altogether..

Please could you recommend a motherboard and a good processor that's compatible.

I'm a bit of a noob.

Here are a few things to consider:

Is all RAM compatible here, i'm using DDR currently, does the MHz of the RAM matter?

Hard drive question: I have an IDE Hard drive, is this compatible?

Also is this a normal sized Mobo? I'm using a dell dimension 4600 case.


This is for games such as World of Warcraft.
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  1. OK it turns out i need a Micro ATX motherboard that supports AGP Graphics cards and Dual Core Processor. Please find me one and a processor to go with it!
  2. I'll assume your old dell board is bad; if not, I wouldn't change it for 100 pounds. The only upgrade option with ddr and agp for 100 pounds would be a used socket 939 board with dual core cpu, which goes for a premium, since they are getting scarce. And most 939 boards have pci-e slots, except for a few off brands and the nforce3 chipset. You may end up ditching your agp card anyway. Check ebay uk, then look up the board specs under "archives" on the manufacturer's website before ordering. If your dell board is good, consider selling your old system intact before it fails and starting over.
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